Of Dancing Peacocks and Jumping Monkeys.

It’s probably the glimmering street lights, I wondered, looking at the city lights below me. The faint sound of traffic coming from far away, I felt disconnected, but near enough to not feel alone. Eight floors high, the wind is cool and my coffee warm. There’s a faint trace of a smile on my face, the music coming from behind me, Lana Del Rey was singing the perfect songs.

I take a small sip of my coffee, the food I had ordered was getting cold inside, but somehow eating Chinese for one killed my appetite. The city around me seems peaceful, too peaceful. I wonder, how would this quiet city react if even one thought of mine slipped away into this new cold night.

My hips started swaying to Lana’s sultry voice, the gentle wind teasing my hair, the soft silk hugging my body. My hips started to sway, the shy smile now widening.

It’s a new city I’m looking at. Within a few days, this city, the people, the dancing, the jumping monkeys and dancing peacocks; they’ve all made me theirs. My memories, the scarred past, the old ways; they all seem like a faint whisper with in this cold breezy air tonight.

I’m not sure if it’s the crazy traffic here, with bikers and their nonchalant confidence, or the cars that zoom faster than anyone should on roads with these bikers and crazy rickshaws let loose on these bumpy roads. But there’s something in the air; there’s something that brings a smile to my face every morning; something that makes me sing a little song as I watch passerby’s.

There’s something in this city, someone said it’s because I’ve found my roots – maybe deep down in the butter soaked bread, or the mouth-watering sweets (And to all those who know me, I am definitely not a sweet person!) But it’s here, my purpose, my reason and my passion. It’s all bubbling in this city, teasing me, waiting for me to get out there and explore.

Whether it was in the perfect moment when I walked into the dimly lit amphitheatre of Natrani where I witnessed a superb play, three women, discovering themselves in their own unique ways; more than a coincidence? One of them, a writer. Or whether it was when I decided to go for a film, Boss, with someone entirely new … shocked? Me too; I feel like a new person emerging through my old dusty self.

It’s a been a month today since my birthday – a month today since a few things have happened in my life that have made me decide to take upon this bold move. But to put it in simple words, it’s been a month today, since I’ve since I’ve been, happy.

And so it is with this happiness and this exciement that I have decided to start not only this new blog, but my new life and dive head first into the sights and sound that this city has to offer me.

Here’s to my Ahmedabad Tales.


Run Away Writer.






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