The Signs, From Ahmedabad.

They say, with love, comes the bursting of tunes through your heart. With love, comes the unforgettable sway to your dancing hips. And with love, comes a burst of creativity – the ability to create, and at times even destroy.

All that, all with the simple euphoria of love rushing through your veins; a quiet blush, the late night talking, the whispered giggling, the soft muffled sighs and of course, the quiet touching under the blanket.

There is this burst of energy that comes through me when I think about Love; falling in love, being in love, or even thinking about making love. It’s a burst that rushes through and reaches my eyes.

“I saw her eyes shining bright… She was mesmerized.” Said one to my mother recently. We had gone to watch a performance, a play, the one I spoke about before, Natrani is the name of the amphitheater, and it was more brilliant than anything I had ever seen before.

Something tingled inside me, unsure of what it was, and mistaking it for something that lead to a steamy late night conversation with some flirting, a serious test of creativity and finally ending in nothing more than the frustration of long distance – I mean, it’s not like a relationship works that way, and here we were attempting a ‘fling-à-phone’!

The Universe sighed and decided to send me another sign. Taking the form of a dimpled boy that made my heart go thump at first sight, came the invitation to a native dance form, Garba, known to almost all non gujjus as the ‘Sunburn to Gujju’s’; with what looks like a hit of molly, round and round in colorful circles thousands of people dance all night to songs that I challenge you, can’t let you sit still. I watched in absolute amazement as not only this dimpled pleasure danced around in ways I have never seen, but even at those around him who didn’t seem to want to stop till the sun came out!

At a beautiful society, Kalhaar, I watched as men and women dressed up in the most exquisite clothes danced around in circles, each more beautiful than the other. Their smiles, their perfectly cut blouses, their swirling ghagras; everything about that night was perfect… Including the shining bright moon. It was only when I slept that night, I realized I had been smiling for some time now.

My smile, one of my favorite assets; coyly I continued smiling as I watched various episodes of New Girl, cuddled up into almost unfamiliar arms. While I happily nibbled on popcorn and had my hair twirled and played with, I felt that same burst inside of me. My brain went into overdrive, I recognized this wave of heat inside me in an instant. While it did take me a long night to realize that this burst wasn’t exactly the way it was supposed to be… I sighed into my morning after coffee, staring out into my new city, thinking and wondering…

The Universe stared down at me, someone else was nearing levels of frustration with me up there.

It was time for another sign, another burst of energy that would rush through my veins; that would elevate me, and take my breath away. The tingling signs were near, the air was electric, and I have not felt more beautiful.

Wearing the perfect dress, my hair flipped perfectly, I made my way to A R Rahman’s musical evening. His tunes reached my hips, I swayed into the night; the smile was back. That rush was back. No doubt the memories came back, one’s mouth with words to make me blush, while another’s… well… let’s just say, the memories came back. The tingling all over, the smile, the rush and excitement… In that moment it hit me…

And so I came back, and decided to write. Passion and fury escaped through my fingers as I typed on and on into the night. I stopped and stared at what I had written so far.

I read, word after word, my smile spread, the excitement inside me growing minute by minute, the rush to my brain, my breath quickening, my teeth biting into my lips, my fingers faster now, much much faster, my eyes almost shut now…. And oooh my god !

It was perfect.

Breathless, I stared at my words. It was poetic, yet not. Funny, yet charming. Exciting, nail-biting… leaves you breathless…! I could already see the reviews. I could already hear the applause… It was beautiful.

The Universe smiled down at me as I realized something after my moment of laughing, dancing, singing and creativity,

I am in Love.


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