My Story of 2014.

The first question I was asked on the first day of 2014, “So, does it feel any different?” This really caught me by surprise. To be honest, I actually had no answer to his question. I thought for a while, but my silence was answer enough for him. “Yeah, feels like just another cold, windy day in Seattle.” My sister and I just laughed. Again, I was speechless. Of course, for a while I felt like I was having one of those magical moments that come in critical scenes during a life-changing moment for the heroine, he went on to tell us a story about his weak heart, and how he survived the worst, became strong, and today is living his dream. He was of course a taxi driver, and to be fair, his dream was to meet new people and have new conversations.

Anyway, back to my new year. I started thinking about all the things that have made me laugh, made me cry, made me who I am today. Although, am I really any different than the girl before 12am last night ? I think I’ve put on some weight maybe… Oh and I’ve started finding the smell of champagne suffocating. So my new year, I think the same things still make me smile, a friends message saying he missed me on new years, another one getting back in touch after almost too long now.

I tried thinking about the last few things that I did in 2013. Almost makes me wonder; was the last day even worth it ? Moving on, 2014, it’s here. I went for a brunch, asked for no mushrooms in my wrap and got a whole plate full of them. Saw a troll under a bridge and eventually landed on this sofa thinking about my last day of 2013 and the 1 minute between 11.59pm and 12.00am that was supposed to change everything.

I’ve always thought about how each and every year is going to be “the one”, this year is going to be different, this year will be perfect. And of course, every end of the year, I wonder what will come the day after and whether this will finally be the one perfect year that I have been waiting for. This again makes me wonder, what is it that I really want from 2014 ?

I think sometimes that maybe this should be the year that I make a list and I wonder, maybe this time, it’s about the list. Maybe I actually do need to make a list to try and keep a track of all that I want, and all that I need and instead of waiting for my life to shape up, actually take it in my own hands and make it happen. A long time ago, I wrote a piece called Rewrite, and I think this is what I should be doing now.


As a writer, this new year is going to give me the opportunity to grab the pen and write my story, my way.

So this ones to  my story, and I hope that you find the right words for yours and by the end of the year, one great story will come out of this year.

Cheers to you, the new year and the story waiting to be written !


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