While attempting to stalk a few people on Facebook as a recent addition back to the social networking site, I came across a few very interesting (and of course similar posts) ‘100 Days of Happiness’ it’s titled. “Curiouser and curiouser” Cried Alice and I decided to wander down this rabbit hole and see where this new Facebook trend would lead me.

From what I do gather, this is a self taken up challenge where you have to post a picture of something, for the next 100 days, that makes you well, simply put ‘happiness’. I went on further digging this mysterious new trend and have already found some very interesting pictures, but even more than the random everyday pictures with various levels of massive editing, I found something else that seemed to thrill me to bits.

This genius website has taken the basic sense of everyday happiness and converted it into a #hashtag ! What smarter way to force young individuals like us who seem to only find happiness in our likes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and everything else that is in your Social window on your new iPhone. So here we have it hashtaggers, #100happydays

Now that I think about it, it does seem like a plausible deal, with the number of #firstworldproblems out there, it seems absolutely necessary that we must counter this #epicness with something #OMG so productive. It makes me wonder, the last few days of 2013 I actually did spend a long time thinking about the Year That’s Been and less and less about the one to come. It was the memories of the past year, the things that went wrong, the times I cried, the moments that scared me, when friends walked away, when life seemed irrelevant; it was all those moments and more that my mind seemed to be most occupied by rather than the happier thoughts. Of course, not to justify, but this was the time in my life when the happier thoughts were memories of the past and did nothing but bring tears and painful joy.

I am the kind of girl who always believes that the next day, the next month, the next year, that one will be the perfect one. And instead of revealing in the moment,  I slowly slowly drown myself in the past. I guess that may be one of the miseries of being a writer, but that also gives me a chance to do this.

Write about my 100 Happy Days. While I did log on to the site (www.100happydays.com) and selected Instagram (Handle: Rks2112 click to follow) I realised this should be always linked to my blog, and another promise that I do intend to keep is not to look behind. Something that I think each and everyone of us should always strictly follow. If you want, make a #neverlookinbehind or something out of it, I’m sure that will help 😉

As for me, nothing makes me happier then writing, so for today, my #100happydays begin with this post. A promise to myself and my readers, that I shall never look behind. This new year comes with a new slate and I intend to make the most of it.

Oh and for all those who love doing the whole Facebook stalking business, trust me, word of advice, don’t start stalking your ex’s friends, it only ends up with you wanting to punch a wall, or his face.

Actually, just his face.

Anyway while I cannot just “Off with his head!” I think it is time to go back to my promise of tomorrow, and begin my #100happydays

When does your happy story begin ? 🙂

Happy New Year readers ! Make it count ! (And all that jazz.)


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