My Music Video.

I feel like I’m in a music video. One in where I’m lying in bed, my eyes closed… My perfect red lips humming a tune, all the words perfectly lined and perfectly rhymed. 

My hair is open, a wild mess around me. My eyes still calmly shut. 
There’s a tune playing around me, a tune so perfect, it’s bringing out all your memories. 
The tiny tear drops rolling down my cheek, each filled with a pain, a pain just too deep. 
“I’ve hurt you a lot.” You say these words, nothing makes sense anymore. 
“Ill come see you.” I wonder when did I forget the meaning. 
“I miss you.” Is this that empty feeling inside me ?  
“Soon.” All watches stopped days ago, the days and months passing seem the same. I’m still stuck, stuck in that one day, when months ago, you told me you’d be here tomorrow. 
Still waiting for tomorrow, with my eyes shut and my lips singing. 
Ill be lying here till your lips kiss me awake. Ill be singing here till your voice fills up the empty space. Ill be crying here, till your hand finds my cheek. 
An apology is overrated. 
You, should be too. 
I’m in a music video, one that’s just run too long.
Soon ill wake up, it’ll be your eyes, your lips and your voice. 
Maybe then, words will have meaning again, and time, this painful old friend, will suddenly run too fast, only to remind me, time and again, of what is never going to be mine, till the end of time.  

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