The Promise In A Dimple

Sweet Nothing

“It sounds like you’re forcing yourself to say this.” She whispered into the night.

“Maybe I am.” He replied after a long silence.
“I want to trust your decision, I want to know that you’re not crazy, that you don’t want to hurt me- but I can’t.” She replied to his honesty.
They both looked out at the stars. The night sky shines brightly.
“You’ve changed my life.” He started, “You’ve left an impression…”
“I was your good luck charm.” She finished his sentence. They both blushed.
“You have a new job. You should be more than thrilled-“
“Don’t.” She cut him, “You don’t know how thrilled I am. This was everything…”
“That you dreamed about.” He cut her.
They both smiled.
“You’re like a firework. Where’s that laugh of yours?” He poked on, “Let your colours burn. Show Bombay whose in town.”
Tears stung her eyes. She stayed silent.
“Want to listen to a song? Come hear this.” He fidgeted for a while, an old romantic song played.
“I love this movie.” She smiled.
The actor wooed his actress in a field full of sunflowers.
“You know it’s still running in theatres here?” She asked him, I could have taken you-“
“You need to calm down.” His laugh, it calmed her heart. She had no reply.
She wanted to hear his voice.
“Here let me play some relaxation music…” He giggles slightly.
“Huh?” Confusion through her tears.
He still kept talking, “You know the most stressed out people say –
“I am relaxed!” They both said at the same time; she with more anger, he with a little love.
“Hahaha ! Jinx! Now you can’t speak at all!” His laughter echoed inside her.
He couldn’t see her frown, or the smile that blushed on her cheeks.
She stayed silent.
“Oh wow…” The meditation music started. She tried to bite her tongue, but a laughter escaped her.
“Oye ! You can’t even make a sound.” He reminded her, laughing even louder.
The music played on as he rambled about how he would always play this music when he spoke to her.
After two minutes, he realised she was never going to speak.
“Oye ! Speak..!” He finally said her name. He wanted to kiss her cheek- she was adorable.
They laughed together. Neither of them wanted this night to come to an end. He said her name again; she felt warm. Happy, but with sadness on the edges of her heart, creeping in slowly.
“We can’t speak anymore.” She whispered.
“Please, act your age, not mine… Think? A little ? Give it some time ?” He tried to put some sense into her. He couldn’t give her what she wanted, but he couldn’t say good-bye.
Was she crying ?
“Please calm down.” She said nothing. “Hello?”
She murmured a reply. He couldn’t hear her. He just wanted to hold her.
“I wanted to but you flowers.” He said, suddenly.
“Sorry?” She sniffles through her tears.
“I was going to buy you flowers. If I had time. But I had to change, I had to wear the nicest clothes I had. I had to get the car… There’s so much… We have to smoke together. Drive- you have to drive me still…” His voice went quiet. This wasn’t helping.
“I want to hug you.” She became silent, “Me too.” Her small reply.
“Think about it ?” He asked again, “For me?”
“You too …”
“Sorry ?”
“You think about it too- for me.”
“I think everything will be fine… Not today, or tomorrow, but it will be. We will be.” He smiled, that perfect smile of his.
“But you’ll understand if I don’t call you?” She broke a little. Taking a piece of him with her, and leaving a warm kiss on that dimpled cheek of his.
Two hours later, as they hung up the phone, with promises and words neither could make or keep, they smiled. It had been a perfect night; the day, and every single one after it, they had all been perfect. But maybe not for today; not for this moment.
She wishes upon every shining star, that tonight is the night he’ll take a chance and call her.
He, well, he dreams about the warmth of her hug, and that adorable laugh of hers, and hopes that tonight she’ll message, because she’ll be okay.
They both wait.

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