Passing Days: Cookie, Dough and Love.

It has been a while, and there is of course absolutely no excuse for my MIA status to the world. Much has happened to my world since the past few days, weeks rather that I have spoken to you. It’s rather interesting how life changes you, day by day, Bombay changes you- especially when you least expect it. But it’s a kind city, a caring one, unlike popular belief… the city gives you what you need.

Distraction, faith, joy, solace… the city knows what you need the most, shows you various paths and blocks others.
My days at work have been a whirlwind of chaos, salt, mad laughter, new friendships, and lots of ice cream. Added to all of this, being thrown into the deep end with my Boss off in a snowstorm in Geneva.
I’ve been contemplating getting back to writing, but it seemed better off for me to take a while away from the world. My phone, now dead, may her soul rest in peace, has left me disconnected from my friends; well, people who seemed to have been ‘friends’. I have been pushed into the zone of texting, hourly phone calls, emails and letter writing. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve not clicked a picture of myself all dressy or pouty in a while now, and yes, I’m still alive… very much.
It’s been a little rough, I had a trip to Bengaluru, quick work thing, yet enough for me to see my future. A night of pure sophistication and luxury, with enough wine, gin and honey to satisfy a thirsty soul- I spent an evening dining with the most wonderful, lively and exciting couple. A line that’s been stuck inside me ever since I hugged them good bye,
“Words- you need words to think. Today kids don’t read, so where would they get the words from?”
Her words stung the writer in me- why wasn’t I using words again? Did I seriously need a week off my phone, and the world- to realise this foolish decision from my side, to not write till I was healed. To not write till the world had more clarity around me… I was wasting my words, my thoughts, everything.
The world will never be a better place, but the words inside me will always show me the hopeful, wonderful side that will always face the sea and be absolutely perfect.
So here’s to me writing again- whether it’s a 2am rant, or if it’s a middle of the afternoon yawning away in the office… But here I am, entirely happy to be here by the way ! Oh, and this is a wonderfully delicious cookie dough in a mason jar that I dived into with absolutely no guilt 😉

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