Stormy End.


Please bring me another tequila
I don’t need a sober day just yet
I don’t wanna try to get up
There’s a dark cloud over my head

I don’t need another umbrella
I’m already wet from head to toe
There’s no need to wear a sweater
I’m way too deep in the cold

Hey little fighter
Soon it will be brighter
We’re over the stormy end
I’ll find another
One to make it better
Some day in the ruins we made

Hey little baby
My heart will be aching
with scars from the stormy end
I might recover
as someone else’s lover
and stay away from the rain

You don’t need a guide to help you
I know you’ll be fine when the winds calm down
I’ll be brave but being without you
I’ll have a storm in my heart

It’s all done
The sky’s getting clear
So break away from the storm my love
We can’t take it back anymore
We can’t make it right anymore oh no

Stormy End, Sunrise Avenue

She wrote the lyrics on the piece of paper in front of her. Each word, carefully carved out with her favourite ink pen. As the dark ink flowed, the sky outside changed colours, the cloudy night was soon turning to shades of red and orange. She smiled as she wrote, knowing she had a lifetime of memories to hold on to at night. Nothing would replace him, or his touch- but for now, for tonight, this seemed to be more than she could handle. The way his fingers traced her cheeks, her lips, her small nose- her pen moved across the paper as gently.

She knew tomorrow would be brighter, she was after all, his fighter. She knew that the winds would calm down, that this silence before the storm would break out, someday, maybe if they ever met again. She knew, that they can’t make it right anymore. She knew all of this and more. Deep in her heart, and realised that no matter what he said to her, no matter how many times he spoke to her, his last words to her would always and only be good-bye.

This storm had to end. The sun had to rise. She took a deep breath of the cool, sea air that breezed towards her. Folding this letter to him, the last of herself she could give him, she walked out of her house and headed to her favourite spot.

It was here, when she first shifted to this beautiful, quiet, secret city of hers she know called her own in Spain- where she had thought of him and cried. It was here she had decided to leave all his memories behind, and watching the beautiful river in front of her, her tears flowed freely. His memories were plenty, and her scars still raw.

Today, one could only see a faint hint of his memory in her shy smile, and as she faced the same river, on the same bridge, she was another girl- she was a fighter. The sun was now rising gently, the river gleaming, almost with joy at this wonderful sight of her. She took out the letter carefully and slowly let it go.

It was time, she had decided. To let it go, to let him go, to let it all flow.


Picture caption 1: That Faint Hope In The Sky
From the series: Wanderings in Spain.
By: Richa Sheth, 2015

Picture caption 1: Like A Flowing River
From the series: Wanderings in Spain.
By: Richa Sheth, 2015


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