My Future in the Corridors of the Past.


I always thought that loneliness was a disease. It was something incurable, and it was something that one could help but find themselves in. Like an abyss, one with slippery walls, and beautiful monsters. You’d think the monsters are company enough, but they do all the talking… and unfortunately, they do all the talking, and you do all the listening.

But that was only until this afternoon.


“I’m not taking no for an answer.” She has green eyes, she’s petite and has a certain air of je ne sais quoi… You wouldn’t believe me if I say that she’s a Delhi girl. I didn’t believe it myself. But she is, and here’s another one for you, she’s a lawyer whose in love with pretty things, happy films and words that leave you speechless and you wrap around yourself at night before you go to sleep.

But this is not about her. This is about a trip.



As we walked through the corridors of the museum, walking through a life that was once in the past, a new friendship began. Even though most of our walk was in silence, it filled me with a warmth and happiness that I could not get myself to comprehend.



It made me realise a lot about myself. It made me understand that there was a part of me that probably was searching for company. But a walk on a weekday, in the warm sun of Bombay, it was what I needed, to feel complete. At ease with myself, as I looked at the pictures from a pleasant day spent.




As I write this, I do not think of anything else, anyone else rather. I ‘m thinking of myself. I kept promising myself to find myself, and always thought that it would be through writing…

IMG_0711 IMG_0712

But as the days pass me by, it’s not going to be through writing. It would be the monsters speaking.



It’ll be on a walk on Marine Drive, watching the waves and people passing by. It would be as I cross signals and rush past traffic and commotion. It’ll be over a coffee with myself, it could be while I run in the mornings, or maybe while finding something perfect to wear for a dinner party.





It’s strange, but I did not think that a walk into the past would be the way I would look, and handle my future.

I wonder, what more could be in store.


The kind of day I’ve had.

It’s been worthy of a million kisses in the rain,

A thousand shooting stars lighting up the dark skies.

Giggling with my best friend after hours.

Snuggling into the warm fur of a dog.

Walking along sandy white beaches,

Dancing with your favourite shoes on.

Kissing his dimples because it’s been a while.

The kind of day I’ve had,

Makes me wish you were here to see the sparkles in my eyes,

As I remember it all.

Makes me wish we could have coffee and talk,

About my journey into the past.

The kind of day I’ve had only the perfect song can summarise.

The kind of day I’ve had,

Well, simply put,

It’s just left me with an everlasting smile.


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