A Secret Sunset.

It was strange, a serene moment actually. I was walking home from a rather relaxing massage, these days the world’s just been like walking on sunshine for me. It’s almost as if the universe is finally giving me everything that I’ve been dreaming about. Day after day, my smile’s just been growing.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my happiness with my readers. I’ve cried, kept secrets and written to you when I couldn’t find the right words to soothe myself. But today, I am happy. And the world is smiling with me.

But let’s go back to the sunset for a moment, shall we ?

Picture this.

I’m walking on one of Bombay’s most popular and loved roads, Marine Drive. The weather, as I mentioned earlier, was beyond perfect. As I left the spa, I immediately regretted forgetting my headphones at home. I kept on walking, it’s a small lane that opens up to the main road, with the sea beyond it.

I kept on walking.

There were no thoughts in my head. Clear. A refreshing change that was comforting, energizing and definitely much needed.

I kept on walking. I was smiling, not in my head, but a huge grin just plastered on my face.

As the trees around me thinned out, as I walked on closer to the end of the lane, the colours of the sky – I froze.

Hues of orange, red, yellow, maybe even purple. Marine Drive was bustling with people, lovers, dog walkers, joggers, tourists clicking selfies, but look beyond that, I willed them. The Sun… I felt like it was a secret that was being shared between the Universe and I.

I kept on walking.

The city on the horizon, the shimmering reddish blue sea, the sun heading closer and closer to the sea, as a lover would, gently lean in to finally kiss his Juliet’s cheek.

I had reached my lane, but that meant turning my back to this love story. My smile was for the Sun only. This spectacle of his, was meant for my eyes only. Closer and closer, the sun was almost a thin crescent hiding behind the sea – as Romeo would bury his nose in Juliet’s neck… the sky now the colour of her blushing cheeks.

I froze.

It was entirely for me. This sunset, this perfectly timed walk of mine. It was all written somewhere. It was my moment. My sign. My whole life I’ve waited for signs, wondering where they were and when my life would change…

And it hit me then. As I smiled, the wind and crashing waves the perfect background song to my moment. I realised right here, that it’s true – you only truly get what you deserve when you deserve it. And when you get it, the whole world, and time will freeze around me… And everything will make sense. Everything that once hurt me, once made me cry, scream and want to die, everything will make sense – in that one moment.

This was my sign.

It wasn’t the world around me that had to change for me to find happiness – nor was it the people around me that had to make sense.

It was all me.

It’s a momentous moment you know, watching the sun set like this. Maybe you should stop once, just to witness this breathtaking event.. Every sunrise, every sunset, every passing minute and rushing day, it changes you – It definitely changed me. But today, for the first time I realised that lately, I’ve been smiling.

I hope you are too.

Do watch the sunset soon, I sent a secret message for you. As the warm sun rises tomorrow, stand in its warmth and feel me hug you…. I miss you. But it’s the sweet kind of pain, where I’m actually smiling because it warms me up to know that I have someone like you in my life to miss 🙂

I hope you take that walk with the Sun soon.



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