When The Tree Spoke.

I’m the one in the yellow, with the summery print.

Can you see me now?

Oh, you want me to shift a little?

Oh, is it the building you’re trying to capture?

Am I in the way?

Oh gosh. My apologies.

It’ll be difficult for me to move though, I’m not sure what to do.

You like my summer dress though?

I think it’s a rather lovely one.

I could choose between violet, red and yellow.

Yes, I think yellow seems to suit me better too.

I like the sun, I think that’s where I got my inspiration from.

Oh yes, of course you’re busy.

But I still don’t know…. Maybe you could move? Your roots seem to be more flexible than mine…

Haha, yes! I do enjoy a little humour here and there.

I mean, of course that happens only when someone stops to listen you know.

You’re lucky, you would always have someone to talk to!


I mean… There are so many of you. Why are you all walking away, bumping into each other as if everything around is negative space?

I terribly enjoy watching the world as they pass me by.

Of course I do say hello; I mean, not how you and your kind would……

Sorry, got lost there….. what does your kind call it? Ah, yes… A wish.

My wish?

Wow, you’re the first one to ask.

My wish, to feel the warmth deep inside of me, a smile growing on my face, as I wrap my branches… Err… Hands, around someone. I want to feel lightless and sparkle at the same time. Just as I do when I see love birds chirping away on my branches.

You’re smiling now. That’s sweet.

May I ask, when was the last time you felt like that?


You’re turning as red as roses in the springtime.

That’s beautiful.

Is it from the warmth within? As another’s branches wrap themselves around you?

Yes, it is indeed wonderful.

Oh, you’re forgetting why you’re here… Your picture…


… I’m speechless.

No, there’s no breeze, but your words are making me shiver.

Of course I will. With all my pleasure.

Wait, let me spread out. I’ll show you how I feel in the summer. How the whole world should feel in the summer.

There…. How do I look now?



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