Darling, Steal the Show.

Have you experienced this feeling,
It’s almost like your heart’s beating several beats too quickly,
But all that does,
Is make you sway your hips,
Bring out a hint of a smile on your lips.
Your hair, open and dancing, with the cool Mumbai breeze,
Your teeth slowly, gently, biting your lip.
Maybe you twirl,
Maybe there are lyrics in your head,
And when it all strikes together,
You’ll light up the world.
Light up the world.
Your heart’s beating to the music of your soul,
to the music of tonight.
It’s just you, and those eyes.
Dark, soulful, you could possibly find-
All the answers to the Universe hidden in them.
Eyes of an angel,
Eyes of the devil,
Call them what you will,
But one look into them is when your heart spins.
Spins you out of control.
Spin. Thrill. Fall in Love.
They’re eyes that have loved,
Moved On,
Stolen the Show,
And then loved all over again.
They’re eyes that take over your soul.
Your breath.
Your life.
Your world.
Your universe.
And the lifetimes you have left to live.
Hear the applause.
Feel your heart beat.
Have you ever experienced this feeling,
When you look into the mirror? 
2013-06-21 08.48.05

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