Help. I’m Falling In Love With A Wolf.

I should have guessed from the beginning.
It’s what attracted me to him the most – his soulful eyes, his deep voice and electric soul. He has that appeal around him, the kinds that make you want to pick him in a crowd, but also, maybe let him be to his thoughts.
Either way, your eyes, they find his somehow.
I think it’s the way he looks at you. The way he chooses whom to speak to, when to, and most importantly, if at all to speak to.
His words, it’s as if he’s teasing you – luring you, captivating you – leaving you almost motionless. Like a deer caught in headlights. A glance here, a word there, but you can never leave his gaze. Not unless he wants you to.
He’s never in a crowd, but he’s always surrounded. He’s never alone, but it’s his own company he cherishes the most.
Our eyes, they crossed each other a long time back. And before I knew it, his eyes were all I could dream of, as the moon rose in the dark starless sky. His words, they became the rhythm my heart beat to. His touch, layers inside me would melt, just at the thought of his soft lips on mine. Our legs entwined, my arms around hm, my fingers tracing our destinies on his bare chest… His hands around me, his fingers buried in the dark locks of my hair.
I let out a sigh. Turning gently, in case he’s asleep. His eyes stare far away, outside the window, beyond the dark starless sky, beyond the horizon, beyond … just beyond. For a while I choose to remain motionless, even breathing seems to be invasive to his thoughts right now.
I wonder where his thoughts are at this moment in time.
He does love – don’t get me wrong. He’s extremely passionate. But tonight, he’s left my gaze, and looks beyond. I wonder what’s on his mind, and with a little fear in my heart, know that with the glow of the morning sun, I’m going to wake up, missing him.

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